Conference Excursion

An excursion to Stanley would be arranged on 11 December 2019 (Wednesday) in the afternoon.

Stanley is located on the south coast of Hong Kong Island. It is one of the oldest fishing villages in Hong Kong and now is one of the most popular days out from Hong Kong. There are many attractions around the area:

Murray House
A 160-year-old restored 3-storey Victoria-era building named after Sir George Murray (1772-1846). It was dismantled in 1982 and transplanted from its original site in Central to be reassembled on the Stanley Waterfront.

Blake Pier
Situated outside Murray House, it is an example of modern relocation techniques because the ferry pier was originally located in Central district of Hong Kong, it was built in 1909. While the top canopy is original, the pier is of modern construction, it is a great example of engineering of the Edwardian period. The pier is still in use today by pleasure boats and small ferry service.

Stanley Market
One of the most popular open-air markets in Hong Kong, where you purchase accessories, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum
Located inside the Correctional Services’ Staff Training Institute in Stanley, the museum features over 600 artefacts. The 10 galleries present exhibitions covering the history and development of the prison system.

Important Note
The BMG XIII Organizer and Conference Secretariat will not be responsible for any personal accidents, lost and damage to the private property of participants during the whole conference period. Participants are advised to take out their own insurance policies and to keep their belongings properly at all time.